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      • Bernie,
Thank you!

thank you! they are great! I love the color assortment. I would recommend your company!

Dolores D left the following 5 star review for the product Green Tropical MEDIUM Leash 3/4"x6 10 PACK:I do reorder these because they are great. nice colors, good quality and comfortable on the dog. not ah ard stiff collar but soft. comfortable and a wide range of adjustment for fitting. . . a good product I would recommend. 
leashes are surprisingly good quality for the money. . the clip is strong and well attached

Dolores D left the following 5 star review for the product Red Hibiscus SMALL Martingale 5/8" 10 PACK:love the color, they look so pretty on the dogs. as a rescue I use a lot of collars priced affordable for us and quality is excellent.

Paula L left the following 5 star review for the product 42 PACK All Nylon MARTINGALE + 4 Foot Leashes MEDIUM:

Great product reasonably priced

This is a great deal folks. Don't let this one get away


Dolores D left the following 5 star review for the product Colorful Ocean MEDIUM Martingale 3/4" 10 PACK:

Martingale collars

they are very pretty, the colors are attractive. the collar is very adjustable for medium to large dogs. 
they are durable and well priced for the product. I would recommend them. All our funding is from donations so a good product reasonably priced is appreciated. Keeping put little beagles safe and secure is important. 
And the delivery is very fast too. 
A Dog's Deam Rescue

  • Jeren M left the following 5 star review for the product Red Hibiscus LARGE Martingale 1" 10 PACK:

These are the best collars. Two day shipping and great quality.


  • Sarah C left the following 5 star review for the product Value Line Nylon Dog Leashes 1" Wide 6' 10 Pack BLACK:

    Great afforable leashes!

    We are using these in a pet food pantry predominately serving the homeless. Leashes are so important. A good sturdy 6foot leash is such an appreciated item to get, for dogs living life 24/7 with their owner.

  • Amazing

 I run a pit bull rescue !!! I have to have strong collars!!!!

karen b left the following 5 star review for the product Value Line Nylon Dog Leashes 1" Wide 6' 10 Pack GREEN:

Good product

This is a very good product and an excellent price for such a good product

  • Christine M left the following 5 star review for the product Colorful Space LARGE Leash 1"x6 10 PACK:

    Fun Patterns

    Our rescue ordered two different colorful patterns of leashes and collars, the Oceans and the Space...and they are a hit with adopter! Thank you!

  • LMartin left the following 5 star review for the product Nylon Martingale Dog Collars Small Medium or Large:

    Great Quality

    Great quality and price... very pleased with my order.

  • Casey S left the following 5 star review for the product Half Chain with QUICK RELEASE Martingale Collars PICK SIZE & COLOR 10 Pack:

    Great product great price

    This quick release martingale is super easy to put on adjust and teach a dog how to heal! Couldn’t be happier with them!

  • RENEE T left the following 5 star review for the product Green Tropical MEDIUM Leash 3/4"x6 10 PACK:

    Love these!

    Our shelter is using CanisGear for our slip leads and for the collars and leashes we sell to the public!

  • Eileen B left the following 5 star review for the product Half Chain with QUICK RELEASE Martingale Collars PICK SIZE & COLOR 10 Pack:

    QUICK RELEASE Martingale Collars

    The Half Chain with QUICK RELEASE Martingale Collars are great for rescues. Very affordable and durable.

  • Jeren M left the following 5 star review for the product Value Line Nylon Martingale Medium 10 Pack PURPLE:

    Great !!

    Got my collars the next day

  • Mary S left the following 5 star review for the product Half Chain with QUICK RELEASE Martingale Collars PICK SIZE & COLOR 10 Pack:

    Adjustible martingale with chain link D ring

    My irish water spaniel puppy measures a circumference of 15" right under her ears which is the correct place for a corrective collar. Love that it is possible to make this collar short enough to sit there and be able to take it on and off with a snap fitting and not slip it over her ears. Love the chainlink D ring which gives fast smooth corrections. Most martingales on the market have canvas D rings. Sending one to my trainer in FL

  • Jeanne L left the following 5 star review for the product Value Line Nylon Martingale Large 10 Pack PURPLE:

    Great quality and value

    Our Great Pyrenees rescue group is always in need of dependable proven collars, at a reasonable price. These are great.

  • TARRY M left the following 5 star review for the product Value Line Nylon Martingale Large 10 Pack PURPLE:

    3 piece sets

    We love these sets of martingale collar, harness and leash. Each rescued dog we place in a foster or adoptive home has a new set to call their own. They are affordable and the webbing is heavy quality. Our dogs feel special when they get their "make-over" and new "jewelry" of their own.

  • Sharon S left the following 5 star review for the product Value Line Nylon Dog Collars Large 10 Pack RED:


    I ordered 10 collars for my local animal shelter. They were thrilled. Excellent prices. Will definitely order again.

  • Thank you for your quick reply... I  am always so impressed with your excellent customer service!
    LOVE your products and company!
    I did forward the email to about 6 rescue friends ... and encouraged them to try your collars!
  • What more can we say! These are simple leashes but well-constructed and reliable. The customer service team is wonderful and our organization will be purchasing from Canis Gear whenever we are able to. Thanks so much!
  • Ali  bought Value Line Nylon Dog Leashes 3/4" Wide 6 Foot 10 Pack GREEN: High quality, good price, wonderful customer service
  • There's nothing quite like a simple, sturdy, nylon leash. We love supporting Canis Gear because their prices are unbeatable and the customer service is wonderful. Our clients love these leashes and have come to ask for them specifically.

  • Ali bought Value Line Nylon Dog Leashes 5/8" Wide 6 Foot 10 Pack BLUE: High quality, good price, wonderful customer service

    Love these leashes and so do our clients! Thanks Canis Gear!

  • These martingales are well made and just what I needed. After training, every dog goes home with the collar that they need. I'll be ordering more soon.

  • Twala left the following 5 star review for the product Red Hibiscus SMALL Martingale 5/8" 10 PACK:

  • Excellent value!
  • As a dog rescue, we go through a lot of collars! The value and quality of the product is excellent!


    • Cheryl left the following 5 star review for the product Nylon & Half Chain Martingale Dog Collars with QUICK RELEASE Small Medium or Large:
    • Great collar !

      Nice heavy duty collar . I ordered size large and it is just what I expected. 
      I like that is snaps apart and doesn't have to go on over the dogs head.

    • KR bought Value Line Nylon Martingale Large 10 Pack BLACKReview of Order
    • We received the order as placed and very pleased with quality and price. We'll be back!

    • Quality leashes. Made well and strong enough for giant breeds. Ordered them in Red, Blue and Black and happy with all of them. The clasp is very well made
    • Ordered medium and large collars in red, blue and black and am very pleased with the quality of the collars. Very well made
    • Martingale Collars
    • Luv these martingales. Easy to put on and take off. Every dog that leaves the shelter for their new home has to wear one. Have ordered in small, medium and large. Quality product
    • I love the Canis Gear products. Quality products at a great price especially for rescues. Very friendly and professional staff.
    • Incredible workmanship

      The quality of these grooming restraints is incredible. 
      Pricing is better than anything out there that could be comparable (theres not)! 
      And the customer care is top notch!

    • JH bought Colorful Space MEDIUM Martingale 3/4" 10 PACKCollars for Rescue

      I bought this pack of collars and donated all ten to a small, private rescue I like to help support. The rescue says that they are very pleased with the collars and enjoy sending their newly adopted dogs off in their very own new collars.

    • It's awesome!!

    • Great product for a great price

      I love the new patterns! Excellent product for a great price! Thanks again!

    • martingale collars- planets design

      We are very satisfied with the quality of these collars! As a rescue we are always looking for economical choices that are still of good quality.

    • Great product reasonably priced

      We like these for our foster dogs

    • reasonable price

      We've been buying these for our Rescue for a while now and we keep coming back for the quality and price

    • martingales

      I have been very happy with my products from Canis Gear and this is no exception. Great quality and I love that they can be adjusted so much.

    • Good collar for a great price.

      Some Martingale collars are better then others. These are great! We need to save $ where ever we can in the rescue and these collars came at an awesome price. Thank you Canis for this very nice opportunity. I hope to do business with you again soon!

    • Great collar at a great price. 
      I bought a 10 pack to donate to an animal shelter. Very affordable 
  • Product was received very quickly, well packaged, and very nice quality for a rescue group to include with new owners when we place our dogs. Thanks Canis for reaching out to us with your product and your support of rescue groups. I would recommend for other groups.
  • We love the leashes and martingale collars. All of our dogs leave with the collar so we need good quality for a great price. Canis Gear gave us that!
            • I love everything I get from Canis Gear. These fancy leash and collar sets are really cute and well worth the money, and came very quickly.
          • Thank you! Thank you!! 
            We just rescued 38 more dogs this weekend! These collars/leashes will go to great use! Thank you very much for the discount code! Always helps to ask! We appreciate everything! 
        • They are working out great!! Thanks!
      • Excellent products and great service.
    • I love ordering from this company. Even their less expensive items are made well, delivered quickly and with friendly customer service. I truly enjoy the hand written cards they send with my order. Nice personal touch that keeps me coming back.
    • These collars/leashes surpassed my expectation.
    • These products are very sturdy and nice looking. I will continue to order these for FurBabies Animal Rescue. We are a non-profit and look for ways to save money while not sacrificing quality!
    • I received a sample for our rescue group of the blue and one of the designer colors. We have been using a competing brand for years at a higher price. I honestly don't see a difference in quality and except when they have sales, your price is better. I have put the collars on a couple of our rescued dogs for the "real test", but they look great so far. :) I'm impressed.
    • Quality was great, design was very cute and looked better than in the pictures. Will definitely be checking out others. Thanks for the sample!
    • Amazing Deal

      Good quality and great price for our rescue. We tend to buy in bulk and martingales are our collar of choice.

    • Tara L left the following 5 star review for the product Value Line Nylon Martingale Medium 10 Pack GREEN:

      Great Deal

      Love the color selection and these are very well made.

    • Great Quality

      As a rescue, quality matters. We need to ensure that our dogs are safe and cannot back out of their collars. Highly recommend.

    • Great Quality

      And and amazing deal.

    • Doggie smiles!

      Glad to finally have a supply of collars, which were very affordable. No last minute running to buy a collar when a new furkid is coming into rescue. Thank you for a good product and fast service!

    • Well made, sturdy and very reasonably priced!
    • I run a beagle rescue and need many safe collars for a lot of dogs. 
      one of the problems with is that their necks are often the same size as their ears, so getting a collar they can't slip out of in a challenge. I have found using a martingale is the safest. The order I placed was shiped right away and they even called me in Canada from Florida to thanl me. was impressed with their service. the collar was study and fit my medium beagles but also my larger coounhounds. I would give this company and ther product a 5 star. I have no complaints
    • The collars and leashes are of fantastic quality and bright clear colors. VERY IMPRESSED.
    • Very nice collars, at a very reasonable price. Really like them. We appreciate your low pricing because we buy so many collars and are always looking for quality products at a reasonable price. That is so important to us since we get all our funds from donations.
    • These are the best made, highest quality collars and leashes we have ever purchased!
    • Martingale collars for our shelter dogs are amazing!

      We are a non-profit that purchases martingale collars for a county animal shelter. These martingales are used when we take dogs out to play groups and for new dogs that we are conducting behavior assessments for.

      These collars are sturdy, reliable, easy to put on dogs and adjust! It's an awesome value for the price.

      Canis Gear has been a terrific partner! We love their price, service and reliability. So far in 2018, we've purchased over 3,000 of their martingale and adjustable collars. We'll continue to rely on Canis Gear as our primary collar supplier.

      Thanks Bernie!

      Very Satisfied, Would Highly Recommend

  • Outstanding customer service, personalized responses, great communication, fast processing and shipping. Nicely packed order was delivered within a few days of placing order. Perfect leashes to have around for everyday use and sending home with new dogs when needed.

  • Every few months I donate assorted leashes and collars to Carolina Poodle Rescue. They always arrive fast, are of fine quality, and are wonderful to go home with dogs when they are adopted.
  • Good quality Nylon and materials, everything we expect from a martingale collar to walk and train our German Shepherd Dogs. Thank you for the great price, as a rescue we are always looking for great products for our animals at the best prices.
  • Yes, we bought some puppy collars.Excellent experience. favorite is the martingale collars
  • Yes I have bought from Canis Gear and I love the Kennel leads and the Martingale Collars.
  • We have ordered martingale collars recently. They were excellent quality
  • The Martingales are fantastic
  • Great product, Martingales are always recommended to adopters 
  • Love the discounted 10 pks
  • I ordered small and extra small martingale collars. Fast shipping!! Great quality!!
    • Yes, always stand behind their products.  I have purchase grooming nooses and slip leads.
    • Yes, we love your product!
    • The easE Side Elves have been ordering from Canis Gear for almost a year.  Our favorite products are the regular and martingale collars as those are what we use at our Shelter.
    • your continued support is greatly appreciated.
    • yes - harnesses; experience was good
    • Yes. Good experience. Thank you!
    •  I love the new collar designs. 
    • The prices are fantastic and the selection is great!  Martingales are my favorite...they are well-made and I use them to send along with dogs on transport.
    • Yes - quick response 
    • Wonderful product 
    • Mailed within time frame 
    • Arrived a head of time
    • Yes.  I have purchased collars and leashes in the past.I just purchased harnesses last week and they were great.
    • Received my order last week and was very pleased.
    • Yes. Order collars, leashes & training leads all the time.
    • Putnam Pet Pals has purchased many times for the dog shelter.  They donate the items for use with all dogs that come into the dog shelter.  I really like to martingale collars.
    • Keep up the great work.  
    • Yes have ordered.  We have purchased martingale colors. Puppy collars and leashes. Easy ordering. Fast delivery.  
    • I love the blow out sales you have. Thanks for doing that.
    • Mostly martingale colors. Thank you for making the XS size. 
    • yes, purchased a bunch of collars. great for our foster dogs & good price :-)
    • Yes, purchased martingale collars. Quality & prices were great
    • Yes, Have purchased from Canis Gear multiple times.  Experience was excellent.  Favorite products are collars and leashes.
    • Thank You Bernie for your excellent prices and service to the shelter and rescue community
    • Martingale collars are a big favorite with our group, and the leashes are nice and sturdy. We feel much safer that our foster dogs will not be able to get away from us and get lost.
    • Yes. Our rescue recently ordered packs of 10 harnesses in small, medium and large, as well as a pack of leashes. A while before this most recent order, we ordered martingale collars in all three sizes. Very pleased with the price, service and product.
    • Martingale colars. They are really a good product. I can't find them in my area so it's nice to be able to purchase them through you.
    • People have purchased for my rescue from you, most recently a pack of the heavy duty kennel leads. They are GREAT!
    • thank you for offering these things at a discount. with a small country humane society any place to cut costs helps
    • Love your products, we are a county shelter low on money.  We the employees have purchased you collars for our dogs. 
    • Yes, we purchased some of your collars and they’ve really held up!
    • Yes..martingale collars..good service...
    • Yes, we love the bulldog clip nooses for our bath tubs.
    • Martingale collars for our rescues - we love them!
    • Yes - once.  I purchased two sets of 48 small dog collars and matching leashes.  The collars and leashes were a good value, but I wish I had noticed that I would have received free shipping if I had just spent a few more dollars.  I realized that right after I placed the order.
    • Yes...I like the assorted color packs of all the sizes of the adjustable snap collars.
    • Yes
      Purchased small collars for puppies. The quality was good.
    • Yes, loved the pretty and colorful  small dog leashes and matching collars.
    • We love your products and your prices.
    • Yes and the products are awesome
    • Yes, and we were always very pleased with product and customer service.
    • We have been using your collars and leads for a few years and really like the martingale collars since alot of our dogs are flight risks.Have not used your harnesses yet
    • Yes, love the new patterned martingales
    • Collars, leashes, martindale collars. Very satisfied with all
    • Yes. The greyhound rescue I sent them to loved them and said they were very well made.
  • Martinadale collars and red and green collars. Red means caution for that dog and green means go it is ok to approach