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1" Wide Martingale Collar XL 10 Pack

$49.99 $69.99
SKU: CA2205

Now available by popular demand!

1" Wide Martingale Collar XL Extra Large SIZE 10 Pack

Adjusts 21" - 31"

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dana Ware
great value

Got these collars for my local animal shelter, and was surprised on how nice the collars were . will order again

Jamesa Hill
Great Big Dog Collars

These collars were for some very active big dogs being fostered in our rescue organization. We like these Martindale collars better because they do not come apart during playtime. The colors are wonderful and they are made very well. Thank you.

Ashley lutz
Sturdy collars

Highly recommend using these collars on every dog. They are good quality and very safe.

Elizabeth Treadaway
Collaring with Confidence

Far too often we see members of the public with ill-fitting collars and or worse yet, nervous dogs who slip their collars and run from owners. Martingale collars from CanisGear give us the best bang for our buck! The versatility of sizes and colors gives us a wide variety of options to collar our pups with confidence. This gives us the assurance that no matter who takes our pups for playdates or sleepovers, they will be safe and secure in a well fitted collar. We LOVE martingale collars for our playgroup and parades, our pups don't leave home without them.