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from our loyal clients:

Martingale Collars for our shelter dogs are amazing!

We are a non-profit that purchases martingale collars for a county animal shelter. These martingales are used when we take dogs out to play groups and for new dogs that we are conducting behavior assessments for.

These collars are sturdy, reliable, easy to put on dogs and adjust! It's an awesome value for the price.

Canis Gear has been a terrific partner! We love their price, service and reliability. So far in 2019, we've purchased over 3,000 of their martingale and adjustable collars. We'll continue to rely on Canis Gear as our primary collar supplier.

Thanks Bernie!

"Great, thanks for your prompt reply!  Our small rescue group is grateful for these leashes and collars that are so serviceable and so affordable.  Your'e a great resource for us!"