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42 Pack All Nylon Martingale QUICK RELEASE Collars & Leashes MEDIUM SIZE

$199.00 $229.00
SKU: CA5100


Martingale Collar Measurements:

MEDIUM (3/4" Wide) 15" - 21"

42 PACK ALL Nylon Quick Release Martingale Collars + Leashes

21 Sets - Adjustable MARTINGALE Nylon Leashes and Collars

You Get 3 Sets Each of 7 Colors:

Black Red Blue Green Brown Yellow Pink

Canis Gear Value Line MARTINGALE Dog Collars Size MEDIUM
We are your Value WatchDog!

Is your dog slipping out of its collar when you go for walks? Try a no-slip, adjustable Martingale collar. These collars are made to prevent your dog from slipping out of its collar while being walked on a leash and can also be used as a training collar. The Martingale collar is often referred to as a humane choke collar. They feature a twin loop design that works by tightening around your dog's neck whenever it tries to remove its head from the collar. Then, the Martingale will loosen again when your dog stops struggling against it. The limited closure of the Martingale collar prevents it from becoming too tight.

Martingale Collar Measurements:

MEDIUM (3/4" Wide) 15" - 21"

Made from Heavy Duty NYLON Webbing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Barbara Donegan
Canis Gear Fan

I can't say enough about the Canis Gear bundles. I do a lot of animal transports and some dogs come without collars or leashes. I just keep a few packs of leash/collar combos in my car and I am always prepared. The fact that the collars are martingales is just icing on the cake!

Not what was expected

Leashes were great, the collars, not so much. Have plastic and metal clip parts are not what was thought it would be. Collars have came off rescue dogs, luckily they were contained otherwise we would have been searching for one.

Betsy Merchant
Shelter Necessity

The martingale leash combos have become a main staple for our shelter, we are now able to give every adopted dog a safe collar and leash to start their journey. Thank you for an affordable product.

Great deal for rescues!

Always go to your site when I need to restock on martingale collars, you have the best deals out there!

Bonnie Vandenburg

great product and service. was very happy with product an service