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Value Line Nylon Martingale Medium 10 Pack RED

Sale price $29.99 Regular price $90.00

Canis Gear Value Line Nylon Martingale Collars RED

10 PACKS - Yes The Pricing Below Is For 10 Martingale Collars

Is your dog slipping out of its collar when you go for walks? Try a no-slip, adjustable Martingale collar. These collars are made to prevent your dog from slipping out of its collar while being walked on a leash and can also be used as a training collar. The Martingale collar is often referred to as a humane choke collar. They feature a twin loop design that works by tightening around your dog's neck whenever it tries to remove its head from the collar. Then, the Martingale will loosen again when your dog stops struggling against it. The limited closure of the Martingale collar prevents it from becoming too tight.

SMALL (5/8" Wide) 11" - 15"
MEDIUM (3/4" Wide) 15" - 21"
LARGE (1" Wide) 18" - 26"
Made from Heavy Duty NYLON Webbing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Local animal shelter loves them!

I bought two packages of martingale collars (1 medium and 1 large) with matching leashes and had them delivered to my local shelter. They're more than happy to have them and are using them for volunteers to exercise the dogs. Thank you for a high quality and yet affordable product!

Very happy

I bought these because our local shelter Fresno Humane was in need of them and they do such amazing work that I wanted to help out. While I didn’t use them personally, they seem to like them very much and that’s as good of a recommendation as there is.

Rottie empire rescue

Several people from the rescue saw the collars and were impressed by the quality and were happy about the price and your help with no shipping cost

Great Quality

As a rescue, quality matters. We need to ensure that our dogs are safe and cannot back out of their collars. Highly recommend.