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Dog Vest Style Harness - Canis Gear SALE
Dog Vest Style Harness - Canis Gear SALE
Dog Vest Style Harness - Canis Gear SALE
Dog Vest Style Harness - Canis Gear SALE
Dog Vest Style Harness - Canis Gear SALE

Dog Vest Style Harness

$8.99 $16.99
SKU: DV102

Hi Bernie,

Carol S. left the following 5 STAR REVIEW***** for the product Dog Vest Style Harness:

Great Value for the Money!

I run a dog rescue and I like to send each adopted dog off with a well fitting harness. This was my first time ordering your Dog Vest Style Harnesses. I am very impressed with the quality of these harnesses. They are a great value for the money. I will be buying more of these harnesses in the future. Thank you for providing a quality harness at an affordable price!

Small size is for small dogs.

Medium size is for medium dogs.

Large size is for large dogs.

Extra Large size is for extra large dogs.

Price is for ONE vest harness. These are not sold in 10 packs.


  Size   Chest/Girth    Weight     ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​   XS     15" - 18"        8 - 13 lbs 

   S        18" - 21"       14 - 20 lbs

   M       21" - 24"       18 - 30 lbs

    L       24" - 30"        30 - 55 lbs

   XL      28" - 37"       55 - 75 lbs

  XXL    35" - 40"       75 - 90 lbs


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Robin Shover

Finally! Harnesses our rescue can work with when our shelter dogs arrive on the bus from the south to Vermont! We have struggles to find an affordable harness that is comfortable and easily adjusted. Often we have a large number of dogs arrive to our Rescue and we need harnesses that quickly adjusted to fit snug enough a dog, especially a fearful dog, cannot slip out of. We think these may be finally our harness of choise! Thank you Canis Gear for offering an amazing solution to a challenge we have had for years as well as saving us lots of money! Robin S / Founder & President / Passion 4 Paws / Vermont

Kim Arias
A harness you don't need a owners manual for!

Our rescue loves these....simple to use and easy to get on our pooches. The handle is an awesome feature when you have to act fast with a rescue dog! We have probably bought hundreds of this style harness from Canis and will continue to do so.

Karen Martiny
We love these harnesses!

Our foster-home based rescue organization orders these harnesses regularly for our foster dogs. They're easy to put on, comfortable, and best of all - they keep our dogs safe from escaping by slipping out of their collars!

Kelly L
Easy to put on

I love the bright orange, it’s so easy to put on and I like that it doesn’t rub under their arm pit area. One of my dogs is very sensitive to that. Can’t beat the price,

Gale Morris
Works Great

Easy to fit and easy to put on my Sheltie. He's never worn a harness before and he took to this easily. Thanks, Bernie!